About FrelTec

FrelTec is your supplier of passive components, inductors, capacitors as well as electromechanical components such as plugs and sockets, pushbuttons and switches, adapters and cables.

We are manufacturer and look forward to welcome you as a potential customer or customer of our high quality components.

Please send us an email to info(at)freltec.com or use our contact form at the top of the website or call us at +49 8151 3684898.

We would be very pleased to introduce our company and our worldwide locations and representatives, and to offer you our components.

We are your specialist when it comes to special components, but also when it comes to large quantities or simply standard products. We can offer it competitive with excellent quality. Try it, we look forward to meet you!

Overview about our products:

For passive components we have

Resistors from precision resistors, thin film resistors (1ppm, 0.01%), low ohmic (0.2 mOhm) and very high ohmic (100 MOhm), pulse resistant resistors, high power resistors (chip: 3W), high voltage resistors (chip: 4kV), network resistors, array resistors, thin film resistors, thick film resistors from 01005 to 2512 or 1225, metal strip resistors, chip resistors and MELF resistors, but also leaded resistors (carbon, metal, metal oxide, cement as well as wire wound resistors, …).

Capacities, especially MLCC’s. 01005 to 1812, some even larger. Tolerance up to 0.05pF, A-Tol. MLCC’s for high voltages up to 3kV and voltages from 4V. We offer C0G, X7R, X5R, Y5V, X6S, X7S, X7T, X7U, X8R as well as High Q Low ESR, Microwave, Soft Terminal.

Inductors, especially SMD inductors: We can offer you chip-, multilayer chip-, ferrite-inductors. Inductors for high frequencies, power inductors shielded and unshielded, all SMD as well as bead inductors.

For diodes we offer:
Zenerdiodes with PD: 0,1-1500W, VZ: 0,352-240V and in package like SMA, SMB, SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, DO34, DO35, DO41, LL34, LL41, …
Triggerdiodes with PD: 0,15W, VBO: 28-35V and in package like SOT523
Switching diodes with PD: 0,125-0,5W, VF: 0,715-1,2V and in package like SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, SOD882, SOT23, SOT523, DO34, DO35, LL34, …
ESD-Diodes with PD: 0,1-1500W, VBR: 3,3-495V, Capacitance: 0,35-105pF and in package like SMA, SMB, SMC, SOD123, SOD523, SOD882, …
Rectifier diodes with VRRM: 20-12000V, IFSM: 0,5-350A, IF: 0,5-25A als Bridge-, General-Purpose-, High Voltage-, Schottky-Barrier-, Super Fast Recovery-, Surface Mount Recover-, Surfact Mount Standard- or also as Ultra-fast Recover-Rectifier-Diodes and in package like ABS, MBS, DBS, GBU, GBP,GBL, KPJ, DO15, SMA, SMB, SMC, , SMAF, SMBF, SOD123, SOD323, DO15, DO27, DO41, CL, 2CL, TO220, TO277 or TO277 …

Schottky-Diodes with VRRM: 20-2000V, VF: 0,35-1,1V and in package like SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, SOD882, SOT523, TO220, DO35, LL34, …
Transistors with PD: 0,15W, VCBO: ±40~±50V, IC: ±0,1~±0,2A, RDSON: 0,06-170mOhm and in package like SOT523, SOT883, …
MOSFET with PD: 0,15-528W, VDS: 20-800-240V, ID: 0,1-220A, RDSON: 0,06-170mOhm and in package like SOT523, SOT883, TO220, …
and much more.

In our field of electromechanics we offer
Pushbuttons and switches e..g. Vertical Push button switch, Anti-vandal switch, AC push switch, DC power switch, Tact switch, Rotary switch, Micro Switch, Slide Switch, Membrane Switch
Plugs and sockets e.g. for telecommunication RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 or also coax, USB and DC plug and socket. Our range goes from SD card slots, pitch and grid connectors to AC connectors, M12 Female socket.
Cable for
LAN like Cat5E, UTP Cat5E, FTP Cat5E, Cat6 Ethernet Cable UTP Cat6, FTP Cat6, Cat6A Network Cable SFTP Cat6A, Cat7 Network Cable SFTP Cat7
USB like USB2.0, USB3.0, USB3.1, USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, Mini and Micro USB
but also DC-Cables and
Adapter and Splitter
RJ11, RJ12 and RJ45
PoE, 1 in 2 RJ45
SMA Antenna Splitter Adapter